If you are familiar with Python, it is strongly suggested that you install everything in virtualenv.

If you are a pythoner, and you have no idea about virtualenv, please do search the internet.

Distribute and Pip

If you are on Linux or Mac OS X, you are the lucky one:

$ sudo pip -U install liquidluck

If no pip available, try easy_install:

$ sudo easy_install -U liquidluck

Sorry, I have no knowledge about Windows, but it really works on Windows. Cygwin and MinGW would make a better life with UNIX software on Windows.

Install with GIT

If you prefer git, that is great. You can get the very latest code at GitHub:

$ git clone

Mac User Attention

We use misaka (python wrapper for sundown) as the Markdown engine. It requires C compiler, which means you should install Xcode.

Then open Xcode’s preference (command + ,), select Downloads tab, and install Command Line Tools.

I strongly suggest that you install the Command Line Tools, even if you don’t use Felix Felicis. You will need it somewhere else.

Install on Windows

It is strongly suggested that you use Cygwin as the environment.

You should install these packages:

  • python interpreters 2.x (or 3.x)
  • make (Devel – the GNU version of make)
  • gcc (gcc-core and gcc-g++)
  • git (Devel – Fast version control ....)
  • ca-certificates

Then head over to setuptools and install it, you will get easy_install.

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