Get Started

This section assumes that you already have Felix Felicis (liquidluck) installed. If you do not, header over to the Installation section.

Create a website

Now that you have Felix Felicis installed, let’s create a website:

$ cd ~
$ mkdir website
$ cd website
$ liquidluck init

You will be asked some questions. If the question has a default value, we don’t change it, just hit Enter.

See what happens:

$ ls
content     settings.yml

Create a Post

Create a post with your favorite editor, for example:

$ vim content/
# Hello World

- date: 2012-12-12
- category: life
- tags: python, code


Hello World. This is a DEMO post.

Build the website

Now that you have written a post, let’s create the website:

$ cd ~/website
$ liquidluck build -v
$ ls
content     deploy

That means the website is created, so you can test it now:

$ liquidluck server

Open your browser:

For more on the Felix Felicis server, see Preview Server.

Write more

You can test more posts yourself.

Learn Commands

Get all commands:

$ liquidluck -h

List all themes:

$ liquidluck search

Install a theme:

$ liquidlcuk install {{name}}

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