Welcome to Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis (aka liquidluck) is a static website generator. The name of “Felix Felicis” comes from Harry Porter; It is a magic potion that gives the drinker luck.

If you want to contribute to this project, fork liquidluck and send a pull request for your changes. Have a glance at Development section for details. If you just want to use it, you should watch the project for updates.

Reporting bugs

We keep an issue tracker at GitHub, where you can report a bug by opening a new issue. If you want any help, please contact lepture@me.com; English and Chinese are accepted.

Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis is a magical potion, also known as liquidluck. It really gives the good luck to you.


Feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, comments, random praise, or anonymous threats, shoot me an email.

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